Friday, December 30, 2011

Note to Self in 2012: Live Like Lara Croft. Yea, the Tomb Raider.

I have a big to-do list for 2012. Ideas and changes that I need to make in my life. Things around me and things about me. I decided last night, while watching one of my favorite movies, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, that I want to do things more like Lara. Tomb Raider is a video game, but to me, Lara Croft is the character portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the two movies.

One of my all-time favorite movies.

Lady Croft has a sexy, graceful determination about her. A confidence that shines through no matter what crap she’s being dealt or who’s trying to kick her in the head. I had lost my confidence some time ago, but I’ve been working hard on getting it back. It’s taken longer than I would have liked, but going into the New Year, it’ll be kick-butt, guns-loaded, strapped-to-my-thighs, don’t-even-think-of-messing-with-me-confidence.

Lara Croft plans things to a T. But, she’s also flexible enough to figure things out on the go if they change. I want to be deliberate in what I do, but also be flexible. I will try harder to think things through with more logic. Lara Croft doesn’t have fluffy bunnies and rainbows bouncing around the Croft Manor. Well, I may never get rid of those around the Beige Home, but maybe I can have some logical bunnies find their way into my world and procreate with the fluffy bunnies?

Croft Manor is a wee bit bigger than my home...

She always looks cool as a cucumber.
The Tomb Raider is fit and sexy and adventurous. I’m going to continue my lifelong quest to be fit. A few years ago, I lost about 25 pounds that I put on during a long, bad relationship (think rusted-out jalopy). Best part is that I’ve kept it off. I’ve watched my portions. I eat fairly healthy. Not a lot of meat. Not a lot of fat. My new goal is to watch my sugar intake. I’m not sure I’ve seen Lara eat much in the movies but whatever she is eating she has incredible energy to do her extreme workouts and go on her unbelievable adventures. If you’ve seen her in action, you would also consider her to be a practitioner of Parkour with her super-physical prowess. I want prowess. I want to do Parkour. I’ll add more physical training in the form of adventures (I especially love hiking and biking and boogie boarding) to tone up even more over this next coming year. 

This guy rocks in the Parkour world. Check out the link below to see him in action.

In the movies, Lara Croft lives in a fantasy world of endless money and getting whatever her heart desires (though she hasn’t quite found true love…had to shoot him in the Cradle of Life…totally freaked out my girls). I’ve always lived in a bit of my own fantasy world. But, we all need lightness and happiness like that in our lives. Without it, we’d constantly focus on the heaviness or problems that come along.

So, while I’ll never have those gorgeous lips of Lara Croft (aka Angelina Jolie) or the incredible bosom; and you probably won’t catch me dead in a shiny unitard (though I’d like to incorporate more boots into my wardrobe and ride motorcycles), I’ll try to copy her confidence, fitness level, zest for adventure and logical determination. I’m going to live like Lara and make 2012 my Tomb Raider year. I’ll just try not to shoot my true love.
Like the strapping and holsters. Not sure you'll ever catch me in an outfit like this though.


  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one who has been majorly inspired in life by the Tomb Raider Movie.

  2. Max...I'm glad to hear that you are also inspired by Tomb Raider!


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