Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Notes

I admit it…I’m a sap. Most people who really know me wouldn’t hesitate to agree. Actually, you don’t have to really know me. Just know me a little and you’ll figure that out. I’m the one who reads the greeting cards trying to find the perfect message. I’m the one who frequently buys a ‘blank inside’ card and writes my own sentiments. Or, I just make a homemade card.

I think one of the most wonderful things a person can do to show their affection towards another is to write love letters. Or, at least, love notes. Nowadays, they can be via text or email, but gosh darn it, a handwritten note is awfully sweet to give (or to receive).

I’m a fan of leaving notes in places for a lover or special person where they’ll bring a little smile to their face. Who wouldn’t want to see a note with messages telling them how special they are? Or, how they’re thought of throughout the day? Or, a reminder of a special evening or funny moment shared?

When I used to make lunches for my daughters, I’d always put a little note in their boxes. I’d cut a 3x5 card in half and write a short message on it and draw a picture for them. Now, my girls are leaving notes for me after their weekends here. I laughed when I pulled the lid off my hairspray and a little ‘I love you’ note flew out. This same daughter taped a ‘Love U’ to the shower wall. My youngest daughter filled a turned wooden bowl with messages. I’m supposed to pick one every day. Besides the ‘I love you,’ I’ve gotten little messages like ‘love heals all hurts’ and ‘Your one out of a million’ (spelled just like that; we don’t criticize grammar and spelling on love notes…it’s all from the heart).

I love that my love notes to them have made such an impact on them that they’re following in my footsteps. I hope they continue to give love notes to others throughout their lives. And, hopefully, receive them. I know I’ll always be there to give them love notes. And, I have a feeling, get them in return.

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