Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Leg Hair Takes on a Life of its Own

There I was, sitting on a stool at a friend’s, chatting before our beach walk. First time wearing shorts for the year. Yea, it’s been darned cold in Maine.

I had brushed my hand against my leg when I felt a tickle. It felt like a hair. Funny thing was that I couldn’t brush it off. Then I noticed that there was another one. Couldn’t brush that one off either.

What?! Are those two hairs really attached to the back of my leg?!

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

How can they be there? And, how could they be that friggin’ long? I shave my legs! I shaved them all winter. And, I shaved them all spring, which it technically still is. I do have a girlfriend, you know.

So, I’m trying to be nonchalant and figure out how to deal with those ungodly stragglers while balancing on a bar stool.

Okay, this might be a slight exaggeration of how big those suckers were, but they felt this big.

Nodding pleasantly during the conversation. Not really paying attention, I’m transfixed. Tattooed on the thought of my new appendages. How noticeable are they? Are they dark and thick? Would my friend notice them on our walk? My shorts are on the longer side, but not long enough. Anyone walking in the vicinity would probably see them. I think that anyone using Google Earth at that moment would be able to see them on me.

Again…how did I miss shaving them? They are like their own entities. Do I say something because I must look so uncomfortable and distracted? Do I discuss my sudden desire to braid and bead my leg hair? Maybe turn them into a dreadlock? No, he’s a guy.

“Just let it go, B. Let it go,” I said to myself.

Then I twisted the hairs around my finger and pulled them out. Vowing to never, ever let it happen again.

Have you ever run into a similar situation? How did you handle it? Please share below!



  1. HAHAHA, ok try being out in public with shorts on for the first time all year when you are told there is something on the back tops of my thighs. I twist and turn and pretty much contort into a pretzel and discover the carpet of winter got left behind. I am talking about long, old lady hairs that resemble an old womans face that hasn't looked in the mirror with lighting in a long while!

  2. Life could be worse. I have no hair on my legs at all. Neither do I have hair on my head from the cancer drugs I'm taking. Hope that makes you feel better. ;-)

  3. Love the description of "old lady hairs," Anonymous! And, a whole carpet of them to boot!

    Denise, I bet you're absolutely beautiful with or without hair! I think women put too much thought into hair defining them. The beauty you have on the inside will always shine brighter than what's coiffed on top!


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