Saturday, May 14, 2011

Music for Vegetarians, Music for Beauty, Music for Life

Sometimes weird things pop into my head. When I opened the fridge and saw some fresh beets looking back at me, the song, "We've got the beets, we've got the beets" popped into my head. That's the vegetarian version of the 80s Go-Go's song that I used to love and play while in a girl band.

Whether it's a made-up song in my head or a real song, music is so important to me. I couldn't imagine a day without music in my life. I am grateful to the universe for also giving me the gift to hear that music.

Music is like a dear friend. You know that friend that you can go to and literally lean on when you're together? That friend who you can share anything with? That friend who you pick up with right where you left off no matter how much time has passed? That's how music feels to me.

I wake up every day to the song, "Heaven" sung by Brandi Carlile. To me, it's such a beautiful song. It's also a song of hope. Why would I not want to start my day with hope? And beauty? (I couldn't even imagine how my day would go if I woke up to a blaring alarm...)

Music has invoked many feelings in me. In yoga last week, Sarah McLachlan's acoustic version of "Answer" made me cry. It was playing softly in the background while we were in half pigeon. Could have been the hip opening that released the flood of tears, but I believe it was also the music that had me thinking.

I've used music to help with the natural delivery of my youngest child. Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach on his cello took away all pain of a very difficult delivery. I've even used the same CD (my favorite is the 1st in the set of the 2) to have dental work done without novocaine. Even where the dentist repeatedly and strongly suggested I use something to help me through. I didn't need anything more than the music.

I do have my favorite music that will circulate in the 5 slots of my CD player at home before I try out another favorite 5. Or, the one slot in my car. They have to fit my mood, though, too. And, that's the good thing about music...there are so many choices and styles and options. I can always find some type of music that speaks to me and is a reflection of how I feel (or how I want to feel). Thank you to all the musicians and singers who make that music. You make my world a better place.


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