Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming Together

Today is one of those days where I feel like everything is coming together for me. In my personal life and with my book. I like days like this. Days where I feel like I’ve put so much positive energy and positive thought into what I want that I actually can manifest anything. On days like this, I can’t help but smile. And smile some more.

The book update is that the publisher is shipping me the complimentary copies (all five of them) of my first novel, Unexpectations. I should get them in the next week or two they said. I’m hoping sooner. Seems like that’s just pony express-type delivery. What about priority mail? I can’t wait to actually feel one in my hands. I know they aren’t hard-bound, but they are a real book. I’ve seen the style that’ll be in the interior. I’ve seen the front and back cover designs. I’m trying to imagine it as one cohesive unit. One cohesive book. My dream all put together.

When I receive them, if they look okay, I’ll immediately put in an order so I can send copies out to my friends who want them autographed. Seems funny to me that people want my autograph, but I’ve always thought it was cool to have a book signed by an author too.

Today, I was also able to proof and edit my press release. This is what will go out to hundreds of different media outlets to let them know about my book. I tweaked a few words in it. I wasn’t crazy about the publisher’s description of my book being “utterly heartbreaking and wildly exotic.” Hard to picture a New England setting as exotic. I changed that to “utterly heartbreaking and wildly captivating.” Unless they meant erotic as a friend suggested? Don’t worry…this novel isn’t in that genre though it does contain several sex scenes. (I’ll have to talk about how it was writing those sometime…more difficult than you’d think!).

Everything is just feeling good for me. I wish that on everyone else I know too. I’m all about positive thinking. Don’t look at what is wrong in your life. Look at what is right. I’m certain everything will be shifting to all good if we can keep thinking that way. And, all of our lives will have that coming-together feeling. It just feels right that way.

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