Monday, February 6, 2012

Obviously Not

“I can obviously see that you’re married,” said the on-call doctor looking at my hands when I went in for a work-related injury this past week (don’t ask).

“Um…No. I just like rings,” I replied showing off the six silver rings on my hands and trying to figure out which one even slightly resembled a wedding ring.

Which one says wedding ring?

Half of them came from Mexicali Blues and the other half were gifts. One has mother-of-pearl in it, one has a microscopic diamond chip inserted into a swoosh. Still nothing wedding-ring-like.

An awesome store that I like to visit in Portland, Maine.
They do have other locations and have a great website.
Love to look at their silver jewelry here.

I guess we all make a lot of judgments and assumptions on a daily basis. He’s assuming I’m married. I’m thinking he’s a quack. Is there really any difference there?

ob·vi·ous  (bv-s)  adj.
1. Easily perceived or understood; quite apparent. See Synonyms at apparent.
2. Easily seen through because of a lack of subtlety; transparent: an obvious political ploy.
3. Archaic Standing in the way or in front.

Why do we do that? Why do we pick out differences in people? Aren’t we trained from a young age to do that? Remember learning opposites in grade school (or younger)? We like to think that we live in this politically correct society and think of everyone as equals and the same, yet we have to sometimes filter our own thoughts to find the newest proper term before we say anything aloud. That supposed equality isn’t that easy.

I do think, though, that all those differences in the world are what makes us so interesting. Gosh, how boring the world would be if we were all the same! What would we do without the Madonnas, the Lady Gagas or the Elton Johns of the world? And, hey, what about the me-s and you-s? There would be no obvious anything. We’d all be walking around the same. Dressing the same (who would choose?). Believing in the same thing (again, who would choose?), listening to the same music, eating the same foods, driving the same cars, living in the same ticky tack houses, watching the same shows, having all the same friends on Facebook. And so on and so on.

At first glance, not everything is obvious. And, yet, because things are so different, they are. Closer examination of the rings on my fingers tells you I’m obviously not married. Well, not yet. And, a closer look of things shows us the diversity and the just plain Wonderfulness of the world we live in. Isn’t that obvious?

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